Creative Kids

Pupils of the upper secondary school

of the Carl von Ossietzky Gymnasium (Bremerhaven)
in cooperation with "pinkfive

"World Reloaded"

Visionary design of wall maps


What do you do with old and discarded school wall cards? 

The maps lead us mentally into the wide world. In the project "World Reloaded" we were looking for new artistic uses.


The artist group ”pink five”, which has made a name for itself with the transformation of everyday objects and habits, provided us with inspiring and helpful support.

The result is collages and objects that show what is possible. 



Pupils of the BS Sophie Scholl (Bremerhaven)

„Insects/Past Times”

Fashion and Design


Two vintages of the ”Vocational school for technical assistance focus on fashion and design” dealt with interdisciplinary projects, each with different and exciting topics:


The class of the 1st year of training creates designs for everyday clothing and haute couture in the context and field of tension of insects. Aesthetic impulses and sources of inspiration can be found in insects of all kinds: whether moths, dragonflies, exotic caterpillars or domestic beetles - stimulating shapes, colours and unusual details can be found in the colour frenzy of the designed moodboards, outfits as in jewellery objects and other accessories.



Pupils in their second year of training again sat this year on research, drawing sheets and sewing machines on behalf of the school theatre project in order to empathize with a bygone era and explore it as a space for inspiration and action: They conceived stimulating moodboards, developed designs and sewed nostalgic everyday and evening wear for men and women in the style of the 1920s and 1930s.

Pupils of the classes FSSP 18a and BGy 16

of the BS Sophie Scholl (Bremerhaven)

"Movie Posters"



The works were created within the framework of our lessons in the subjects of art and creative design.



The collages, in which film posters were redesigned, show reflections and portrait variations by Frida Kahlo.