Suplementary programm

Angela Färber (Bremerhaven)

Ceramics workshop


The creative workshop was already there in 2018 with the design of a mosaic in our street.  

The ceramic workshop is open Saturday the 17.8.  from 15 to 19 o'clock and Sunday 18.8.  from 3 - 6 pm.

 Let yourself be surprised!

Marion Zardini (Bremerhaven)

Gerhard van Heukelum Haus



The residents of the Gerhard van Heukelum Haus want to participate this year with a voluminous red heart made of various materials, which they will design together with Marion Zardini.

Galerie 149 (Bremerhaven)


Painting and Illustrations


The team of the „Galerie 149” presents their own creative works.


The Gallery 149 is open Saturday from 2pm to 10pm and
Sunday from 2pm to 6pm.

Petra Wendelken (Cuxland)

Enjoyment of art



Art meets pleasure in a culinary ambience. Large-format works in mixed technique will be shown,

abstract and expressive painting.