We present the participants of 2019 in a loose order:

© Christian Heske
© Christian Heske
(Twin City Pori, Finland)

T.E.H.D.A.S. is an artist group, a production platform, an anonymous open collective and association.

T.E.H.D.A.S. has set up its base of operations in the soft underbelly of Finland's cultural landscape, in the city of Pori, in the heart of an old shortwave radio station. The amorphous collective has existed for almost two decades in shifting configurations of multidisciplinary artists, giving birth to performance festivals, art exhibitions, a sculpture park and countless events and actions.

T.E.H.D.A.S. transmits an ever changing cacophony of voices coming together, sending out signals of harmony, anarchy and the smooth and dulcet tones of dadajazz drawing from the creative juices squeezed from its collective's collective subconscious.


We are a collective. We are T.E.H.D.A.S. 

T.E.H.D.A.S. now assembles and slouches towards Bremerhaven to be born.

Jorge Samaniego Bonnin (Helsinki, Finland)

Yvapurü is a multidisciplinary artist who works with various means of artistic expression. 


In this room you can see engravings and linocuts from the series Tropical Forest, then some of the last collage works from the series Japanese Icons, made with Washi Tape, and some random drawings and prints. 


The frames were made in collaboration with Julian Schmonsees (G. v. Häfen, Bremerhaven).


WERK. Embassy of creators



WERK. is the Bürgermeister-Smidt-Straße 218.



WERK. are rooms for creative people, doers and visionaries whose projects are sustainable, committed and important. The task of WERK is to motivate, promote and commit to accompany the start, hold discussions, offer space and organise resources and materials.



 Stefanie Manhillen (Berlin)

"Life is a salad"

An installation for self-installation


The installation of more than 150 mixed media elements - as a symbol of the modern, fast society in which everyone has to find themselves again and again and adapt to the circumstances. 


In a world where there are no more immutable truths, visitors are asked to rearrange, stack and write everything - to create their own truth and thus change the exhibition again and again.

Fernando Valero (Bremerhaven)

"Ice can be colorful" and "Glowing foils"



Ice can be colorful

When we transfer a slice of natural ice onto a glass plate, plane it to a thickness of about one millimeter and finally expose it between two polarizing filters, we can see the crystalline structure of the  See ice as a colored pattern.  


Glowing foils

The artist Fernando Valero collected transparent foil from various packaging materials, glued it layer by layer, and made collages from it. With the help of light and filters, he transformed the packaging material into colorful pictures and sculptures with these collages, so that the collages appear like crystals.

Ralf Schreiber (Cologne)

"tiny movements, breaks and silence"

Sound concert


A shadow play with noise and percussion. On an overhead projector lie small motors, spring mechanisms, autonomous robots and vibrating strings.  Ralf Schreiber uses tiny movements and interactions to make these instruments, consisting of stubborn apparatuses and prepared materials, sound, and thus investigates the elementary interactions between sound and material. Much of this is beyond controlled playing, a research process and permanent improvisation.


He will play two concerts on Saturday and one concert on Sunday. Duration approx. 30 minutes. During the concerts, the structure functions as a kinetic light installation and it is on site to explain and provide information.


There are dance performances by Marco Jodes at regular intervals.

Maria Theresia Eichert (Bremen)
"Holy Cow"
Bremerhaven is not only a waterfront city, it is also surrounded by pastures inhabited by livestock. 
The domestication of the wild cattle coincides with the settlement of man and thus with the beginning of our culture. 
The cow accompanies us in this development until today and is in many regions of the world not only "materially valuable", but also cultural carrier. 

Agency for unusual encounters

"The Contact Shop"



Everyday objects such as ladders, chairs are supplemented with folding rules, building blocks and much more, and stimulate discussion and encounters. The "trained" protagonists are themselves alternately active and redesign the shop again and again - also independently, without directly animating the visitors* inside. 

These should be encouraged to participate by the invitation qualities of the arrangements, but can only observe what and how atmosphere, encounter, action and leisure, community and isolation develop in the space.


Artists* inside:

Graduate training "Performative Methods in Cultural Education Remscheid and regional team from Bremerhaven




Sofia Schneider (Bremerhaven)

"Between the quarters"



During installation, furniture and home accessories are placed in a different light. Picture frames become lamps, chairs become pictures, wood becomes fabric and lamps become still lifes.


These exhibits are supplemented in such a way that they create a link between the Goethe Quarter and the Old Citizens' Quarter. 


The threads are further spun and show that everything is interwoven with each other.


"Yankadi Ba" (Bremerhaven) 

drum group


The drum group Yankadi Ba has been playing West African rhythms of the Malinke for many years and is also known regionally beyond Bremerhaven as the organizer of the Bremerhaven Africa Festival.


"Our group of seven consisting of three female and four male drummers* plays an extensive repertoire of well-known African pieces spiced with dance and singing. For us, fun and active participation of our viewers and listeners are in the foreground".


Let yourself be carried away by the groove and the energy of West African drum music on the street on Saturday at 6 pm.


Grit Reiss (Mainz)

"Let's build a monument"



Human processes of action leave traces in urban space. I understand them as indications of human decision-making processes. Every indication is a testimony of a past. 


"Instead of bringing colours and forms onto a picture carrier, I use what I have found. I am interested in how the imaging process of the camera influences the process of perception".


Part 1: Video projection on installation.

Part 2: Video transmission on visitor mobile phone via Trigger

Florian Koppe (Austria) 

"Closed Society" 



What's happening outside? What happens inside? What outside? What is inside? The access to fragments of accessibility, German history and visitors to the event will be investigated experimentally.


Only the visually impaired, the hearing impaired, the disturbed, the indignant, the lazy, the sluggish, the sluggish, the phlegmatic, the mastiffs, dogmatisms, people with rheumatism, dementia and Alzheimer's, the abandoned, the crippled, the disabled, the disabled, ...

Daniel Brandl (Bochum) 

"Housing Concert" 



The musician invites you to an apartment concert with a mix of sounds from the surroundings and an examination of the environment. Daniel plays cello and mixes on the computer - repetitions and variations.


Always extraordinary.

Always free - Overtaxing yourself intentionally. 

Charlotte von Heise (Beverstedt)


Installation and photography


How do people in South America dry their laundry? 

Exciting scenarios on the clothesline.

Schmitt & Schulz (Mainz)

"Peeping pad”



"We show what you always suspected about performance artists and more ... and give the ultimate answer to the question: "What do performance artists actually do all day long?


A disrespectfully funny commentary on revelation formats of the entertainment media from Gala to RTL, which serve our everyday curiosity with the help of paparazzi or programmes like "Big Brother" and pseudo-documentary "reality shows".

David Rafael Kazior (Bremerhaven)

"The old citizens in a new splendour"

Photography & Painting


The photos of the old citizens were partly taken with a reflex camera and a mobile phone camera. The photos were then partially processed with acrylic paint, disassembled and reassembled to highlight the beauty and distinctiveness of this quarter and show it from a new angle.

Rosa Schmidt (Bremerhaven, Germany)


Installative Performance


Soundtracks that capture acoustic qualities and communities of transiently populated sandstrips and collections of material in river and coastal regions find situationally developed compositions with the sound dimension of human activities in harbor scenes, open-air soundscapes and engine rotations  scenic overall picture of the Unterwegssseins together, while dysutopic landscape visions appear momentarily.

Martin Kemner (Bremerhaven)

"Bremerhaven Pictures"

Interactive media installation 


Martin Kemner has been working as a video designer on various stages in Europe for 20 years. For ArtSpace he makes the step from the stage to the visual arts. 


In his interactive video installation, viewers* become part of the work, changing image and sound. They not only open up new perspectives - the work does not exist without active viewers*, only their active participation makes the hidden treasures visible.

Robert Dörfert (Berlin) 

„let love mercy” 

Painting and installation


Leonardo di Caprio, Robert de Niro, Conor Mcgregor and many more are public figures - often photographed and depicted.  But the painterly realization of stars and starlets by Robert puts them in a new light in a very special way.

During the event, he will work on a 2 x 2 m "Live-Aktiv" record.


Submerge and perceive - realism meets glitch art. 

Kira Metzler and Natascha Page (Berlin)




Pain, love, transience, deception, dissension - a time-lapse of two lives that show themselves very privately and yet are a kind of mirror image of the audience.



Kaveh Rasouli Chizari and Mohamad Salehi (Bremen) 

"The Therory of Banksy" 



This is a kind of experimental, interactive and artistic project called "Theory of Banksy". 


With an interactive app developed by the artists, the artistic idea of "Banksy" is intended to enable a new experience between the audience and his art.


 Reinhard Büsching (Bremerhaven) 

"What is happiness ..."

Video installation 


Neighbors in a country which became foreign. Friends of survival who have to reinvent themselves in a world that is no longer theirs. Early refusers and not entirely voluntary drop-outs find their way to themselves. A country trip in the middle of life. A visit at the edge of happiness.


The short film is a study on a planned feature-length film about an unadapted former school principal, a prevented professional pilot and a former wall and roofer who today is a master of life. People who have risen from the ruins of a vanished state and turned more to the present than to the future.

Kathleen Ann Barberio (Bremerhaven)

„Leaving Traces” 



Every movement leaves traces in space, in general space as well as in personal space (the kinesphere).


"I want to make these traces visible. Starting with an almost empty space, which I capture dancing, I leave concrete traces: on the floor, on the walls ... in our minds."

Ghaku Okazaki (Bremen)




The installation of Ghaku, which presents a mixture of murals, sculptures and video footage, is colorful and diverse.  Although the unity of the various elements is central, it is diversity that makes art so appealing.  


A visualization of different lifestyles, genders and cultures.

Claudia Hanfgarn (Bremerhaven)

"Dancing exhibition"

Dance installation


Dance, so Claudia says from her experiences, is for many people a private act to feel their own body and to let their feelings run free - unobserved and alone. In the "dancing exhibition" you move around in public space without feeling that you are being watched.


Unobserved (co-) dance.

Katja Barbion (Cuxhaven)

„collapsing worlds“ or „it‘s all over now“

Painting & Live-painting



"I strive to create a three-dimensionality in my paintings that gives the viewer the feeling of standing right in front of the object.  I'm almost photorealistic, but without losing sight of the artistic aspect.


In the course of my work, I developed my own painting technique.  The application of different structures, the targeted use of light and shadow, as well as very detailed elaborations results in the three-dimensional, almost photorealistic effect."


She`s working on a new painting while the event is open.

Ariane Holz & Robert Lindner (Ottersberg) 

„Pride and Prejudice” 

Interactive Installation


The two artists open a shop for 2 days, where the beauty is the focus, but it is so transient.

They create edible art on fingernails, engaging with visitors and portraying the image of the city, private and yet universally valid.  


The culinary artworks are photographed and exhibited.  


The installation grows with its visitors. Come in plenty!

Meike Rohde (Bremen) 

„Mindfactory & Blowflies”

Wall objects


What remains when the former shop is emptied, the former home is empty and left to itself? Perhaps a few furniture items left behind and forgotten, personal things, a little rubbish. And definitely the crawling animal. 


Nobody drives it out of its favourite corners anymore, vacuums it away, sweeps it out onto the street. The crawling animal can now unfold freely and undisturbedly call the stairwells and dark corners, the walls, ceilings and small floor holes their home.

Gerten Goldbeck (Hamburg)


Interactive Installation 


On Sunday morning, Gerten Goldbeck begins to reinvent old books, give them new life and thus another sense.  


The deconstruction of books involves enormous change, but not the destruction of the pages. Perhaps a shocking experience for any book lover who might leave the action as an art lover.


Anna Adam (Budapest/Ungarn)

„Secret Garden”



What are the consequences of sin? What is the relationship between punishment, conscience and guilt, and what is the relationship between them and sin? Does guilt have different kinds, levels, and ways of absolution? To what extent do social norms have our own fault? Where does the feeling of shame come from? What are the different phases of regret? What types of repentance, salvation, or remission do we know?


In the performance, the dancer is responsible for her deeds, she gives account of what she has done, confesses, confesses and washes herself with the cleansing power of water and flowers. 

 Andrea Türk (Cuxland)

„A mile in my shoes”



Why do we humans actually collect things with passion? Do memories record through objects or written words? And what happens after our death with the once so personal, valuable things? 


Andrea Türk pursues these questions very carefully in her unusual installation, after she bought a notebook at a flea market, in which a lady who has since passed away lovingly describes a shoe collection over decades: From the travel shoes to the wedding shoes to the children's first shoes - step by step, shoe by shoe - a whole life ...


Vladimiro Miszak (Bremerhaven)




Pictures from the years 1968/71 and today are juxtaposed. Images that are influenced by political and social change in Europe.  

Sandra Jakobs (Bremerhaven)

„Black working with papers”

Paper Sculptures & Etchings


In the workshop "edition Schwarzarbeit" (“Edition Black Employment”)  by Sandra Jakobs, etchings are created using the centuries-old technique of gravure printing. The forced slowness that the various working processes bring with them is alienating and beneficial today. 


Working, printing to touch others...

To see, to find, to let be touched.  

Markus Maier (Warendorf)

"Foreground with background"



The exhibition shows works that use of a wide variety of painting materials and painting surfaces, develop their special aesthetic appeal, fascination and material quality - applied on the front side - on the painting surface, which was originally intended as the back.


The back side becomes the front side – resulting in reversed composition. 

David Zinn (USA, Michigan)

Street Art


David Zinn has been creating original art since 1987 in and around Ann Arbor, Michigan.  For more than twenty years, "meaningless" art has been sneaking into the world.  His professional assignments included theater posters, company logos, cartoons, landfill wall art, environmental superheroes, corporate allegories, and hand-painted dump trucks.  

Thanks to the temptation of a box of chalk on the sidewalk on an unusually sunny day, Mr. Zinn is known around the world for the art he produces under his feet.

David Zinn is sponsort by „Storm und Drang” 

Saskia Rudat & Ivo Schneider (Essen)

The SAXON SWITZERLAND collective and the animals

„Live and let live”



When the polar ice caps melt and the water temperature rises, it is very likely that we in Bremerhaven will soon call the inhabitants of cold regions of our earth our neighbors – so it will be in the „Alte Bürger”. 


Watch how seals and penguins master their everyday lives in an apartment - not so easy with fins ....

Kira Keune and Denise Tobinski (Ottersberg)

"Key 2-1-0"



By juxtaposing the exterior with the interior, perception changes. The viewer is confronted with the clash of these two opposites, creating an unknown situation in which the possibilities of dealing with the space can be renegotiated. This results in a new type of space; a use of space that cannot be clearly categorized is created.


The installation becomes the surface for the behaviour of the visitors. Traces of movement suggest patterns of behaviour and the drying up of the lawn reflects the artificial or even unnatural situation of this confrontation.

Josiane Ginter (Luxemburg)

Interactive art print


What would the wooden plate on the floor say to me?  - Probably the first question from the KunstRaum / ArtSpace visitors when they encounter Josiane Ginter's art.  


Running over the wooden board, dancing, walking or even jumping on it is not only allowed, but explicitly desired.  Hence a mysterious art print is created.  


Step by step creating collective works of art.

Sven Willms (Bremerhaven)




Graffiti - still a form of art that is often frowned upon. Who are these

Artists who create these out of the ordinary works of art in public spaces?

Mostly unknown - that is why, out of reflex, many hide themselves when being photographed. 

Elke Bodin (Münster)

"Diversity of a square"



The square - probably the simplest geometric form, which Elke and her two artist colleagues Andrea Tenié and Sigrid Kantner, have discovered its spectacular variety. The trio knows how to use different aesthetic techniques to create a total work of art that consists of many individual squares.


In addition, visitors have the opportunity to actively participate in creating a joint work of art.

Miriam Flick (Berlin)




„Introjection” is a pantomime and physical theater performance and tells the story of a woman who realizes that her own life, her daily actions and movements follow certain rules.  


She was never conscious of these rules and would never have accepted them. When she finds herself in a state between dream and reality, she gets the opportunity to redefine her life and her rules.

Tanja Hehn (Bremen)

"Hope is the first step ..."

Linol print


Being annoyed by other people, their actions, their way of thinking, their ignorance and their incessant influence on your own damn life - expressed through thick, red block letters on a white wall.  


Read, be shocked, then smiling and say:
Yes, I know what she means ...

Anke von Januszkiewicz (Bremerhaven)




Without having benefited from a professional education, Anke von Januskiewicz explores different aspects of painting and shows through her talent that the joy of success can also be achieved through exhibitions and the recognition of Bremerhaven artists.