We present the participants from 2020 in loose order:

On 27 July 2020 the exceptional choreographer Pina Bausch would have turned 80 years old, her deeply humane view of people has influenced the theatre landscape worldwide.
People of all ages in France, Ireland, Chile, Cyprus, Spain and Germany have already responded to the call of the Pina Bausch Foundation to dance the well-known line from Pina Bausch's 1982 play "Carnations".

In Bremerhaven, the concise gestures of the change of seasons with Claudia Hanfgarn (TAPST-afz) and many dance enthusiasts will stride through the citizens on Saturday, 12.09. at 5:45 pm.

Martin Kemner, Kira Metzler, Giulia Decherchi u. Daniel Brandl

Bremerhaven, Berlin, Bochum



"Artists want to make works of art, dancers want to dance, musicians want to make music - and best of all, all together and in front of an audience." But the Corona pandemic has changed a lot in the last few months. Social distancing has become a symbol.


The artists' collective performs together, but in different places - modern technology makes a joint performance possible.


Foto: Daniel Brandl by Sven Neidig
Foto: Daniel Brandl by Sven Neidig

Daniel Brandl - Bochum



Daniel Brandl's musical installation poses the central question of whether we are aware of what information we unconsciously enter into a machine.


It is about the transformation and distortion of sounds of the environment into a digital data stream and its musical expression.

Kornelia Kirschner-Liss - Bremerhaven

„Under Construction“

Kornelia Kirschner-Liss presents large-format photographs: the photographs come from various countries and show mainly construction sites with coloured tarpaulins, scaffolding and barriers. The symbiosis between the transparency of the building plans and the background is particularly appealing.

Mendy Arp - Axstedt




Mendy Arp's preferred working materials are porcelain and everyday objects such as toothpicks, plastic cutlery and other (waste) household items.


The way they are arranged is reminiscent of micro-organisms and viruses. The interplay refers to the human being who, like a parasite, infests and destroys his own environment.


Alex Bodea - Berlin

Visual notes

"The Stranger Eye"


Alex Bodea describes her art as a cross between the visual arts, drawing, journalism and poetry.


During her project "Visual Notes" Bodea has created visual notes in various European cities using a mixed technique of ink on paper, projections, installations, performances.

Hilke Leu und Helmut von Kotzebue -

Painting and installation

" ... do I hear the light?


Hilke Leu and Helmut von Kotzebue describe themselves as "a pair of artist colleagues who could not be more different".


He: calm, extremely disciplined, committed to graphic art and painting.

She: lively, spirited and addicted to plastic thinking.


In their joint installation a different pair also find each other: light and sound. This synesthesia will show itself from a surprising side.


Fernando Valero - Bremerhaven

Light- and soundinstallation"How the weather sounds in Bremerhaven"


The German Weather Service (DWD) operates the densest meteorological and climatological measurement network in Germany.


The data obtained there have been processed and archived for many decades. In this way, around 100 billion climate data have been accumulated.


These weather data have certain patterns, which are converted into frequency series or tones by algorithms developed by the artist - this is how the weather sounds in Bremerhaven!

Katrin Schütte - Osterholz-Scharmbeck



At the centre of Katrin Schütte's artistic work is the abstract representation of the dwindling living space.


What happens when the self-crafted snail shell crumbles, when a person is pushed out of his comfort zone and a piece of inner home is lost?

Marco Jodes und Stefanie Manhillen - Oldenburg, Sinzig/ Rhein

Inter-Act-Drawing / Dance und live-painting


The interdisciplinary action of the two artists includes the dancing interaction with the visitors and the spontaneous snapshot of the movement, captured by charcoal drawings. The symbiosis between body movements and drawing pencil becomes clear.



Monika Schröder - Hamburg




Monika Schröder's objects are not images of real living beings and yet they have a creaturely presence.


They have feelers and, depending on the perspective, remind one a little of fish traps, or one associates starfish or corals, the mysterious inhabitants of the seas.


The openness of interpretation is intentional and is left to the mind of the observer.


Kati von Schwerin - Berlin

Mixed Media


Born in Hagen and based in Berlin, the artist, musician and author Kati von Schwerin inspires with her works about freedom, longing and questions of life.


In her works she uses maritime symbols and depictions of animals and nature, among other things, which she then combines using various techniques to create wonderful works of art.


Kira Metzler und Blathin Eckhardt - Berlin

Live-Installation und Fotografie


The lockdown - nine weeks later. The performance artists have slept, eaten, watched TV for nine weeks and tried to suppress the bad conscience of unproductivity. Nine weeks of loneliness and boredom were replaced by the desire to be creative.


The things they were alone with and stared at became part of the photo series of fantasy worlds and childlike co-existence.

Jeanette Heene
Jeanette Heene

Jeanette Heene, Alexandra Stück,
Andrea Fürst und Marion Ehrsam -

Joint exhibition: Installation

"The fish must taste the bait"


The basic idea of the quartet's artistic collaboration lies in the relationship and conflict between the art product and the viewer, because: "The essential effect of art only becomes apparent through the quality of the viewer. Four artists, four rooms and four very different approaches to the theme of who is the producer of art.


The joint exhibition is supported by Storm und Drang

Vera Kandzia & die Schüler*nnen der CvO Bremerhaven


 „The flying classroom. take off”


The classrooms take off and are beamed into the future.


What do the rooms and devices look like with which we fly through the infinity of knowledge and education?


What and how will we learn in the future?


In order to gain insights into this distant future, students* set in motion an artistic "wish production" that releases their personal visions of the place of learning. The starting point is the present.

Laura-Marie Preßmar und Michelle Koprow

Performance, Installation und Video-Projektion

„x Schritte“

The mechanically clocked speed of time is in conflict with the perceived speed.


When does time pass particularly slowly - when particularly fast?

Who beats the beat of time?

Can time be represented?

Robert Dörfert - Berlin



The colourful canvas portraits show the potentials and the complexity of each individual. The faces are mirrored several times in themselves, with emotions to be discovered.


Sophia Mix - Dresden



Sophia Mix is a multimedia artist, she combines digital communication with musical presentation. The focus of her performance is the question of beauty and role clichés. She shows modulated nude pictures with wings and plays music on guitar and accordion.

Bernd Hanke - Wolfhagen-Niederelsungen



After a period of painting Bernd Hanke was inspired by a dream to create 3D pictures and sculptures from recycled paper.


Read newspapers and magazines become the object of art. These create the shape and colour of the objects - not the brush.



Heike Wirtz - Kamp-Lintfort



Her art is a mixture of abstraction and realism, of still life and dynamics.


The sensually graceful pictures build bridges for the viewer between


They are impressions from the world of life, motifs from everyday life and little things of the event, which are attributed a different significance.


Noi, Aconite, Giulia Decherchi und Kira Metzler - Berlin




The performance stands in the age of digitalization: exchanging and exploring, creating and making possible with technology. The symbiosis between physical movement and digital multimedia reality.


Patrick Brockmann - Offenbach am Main

Fotografie”Intersection of Trace”


”Intersection of Trace" is about the scratch as a drawing or trace. However, it is not about a temporal trace, but primarily about an architectural, photographic and material trace.

Fragile models, which can collapse with a simple gust of wind, appear in combination with architectural elements. Mirroring surfaces use architecture as an image of another reality. Material interventions overlay the photographic record and become part of a new spatiality themselves.

Luan Lamberty und Hairihan - Luxemburg, Bremen

Livetric film installation

It takes a wall, a piece of coal, a mop and many individual photos to create a real live-action film.

The figures will start to move - the traces of the previous motif remain.


Jana Thiel - Bremen



The weed is popularly known as the plant that grows in the wrong place at the wrong time, destroying the aesthetics of a garden or competing with crops for growth factors.

However, the resistant plant is very helpful and reclaims the unused areas of the city. Jana Thiel creates an indoor garden from an empty space: she uses plants and fungi, which she combines in her installation with canvases, ceramics, laboratory equipment and plant lamps. An aesthetic between biotope, laboratory and natural history museum.

Paul Wiersbinski - Berlin



Paul Wiersbinski, who studied video art, is able to captivate with his exciting, interactive installations.

The aim of the exhibited installation is to show the emergence and functioning of an artificial intelligence and thus to provide the general public with an artistic insight into this topic.


Gunter Wagner - Kassel



Gunter Wagner presents objects from his series "Cloud-cuckoo's home".

The delicately fragile figures are shown on floating pedestals in a thematically appropriate manner.

A lyrical dream of lightness.


Elizabeth Förster - Bremen



Born in England, she enchants with her abstract art and abducts the viewer into a landscape that is both unworldly and familiar.

They offer a space for imagining and thinking, for exploring topics without giving answers. The lack of answers within the artwork is in no way a disadvantage, but rather the opposite, the strength of abstraction.


Reiner Madena - Geestland

Wood Sculpture
"Being and Appearance" (head births)

Masks have been the symbol of transformation since time immemorial and have always played a role in all cultures. The mask placed on the face is commonly understood as a pretended identity behind which the true face is hidden. But can't a face also be worn like a mask?

Ali Ahmadifard Aveh - Bremerhaven



The painted human bodies are mentally absent, isolated figures, in a vacuum between reality and dream landscape, lost in search of an uncertain future.

Looking at these naked figures with a questioning gaze, they remain inaccessible, closed and enigmatic. They are prisoners of themselves and their loneliness.

Anne Reiter - Hamburg

Textile screen printing and photography

The works of Anne Reiter deal with the dimension of patterns, decorative techniques and the history of textile handicraft techniques.

The embellishment of surfaces with textiles and patterns becomes a political statement: Traditionally, women are concerned with the cosy furnishing of the private home and the creation of domesticity.
In contrast to this, embroidery motifs are used in public space. Here they unfold their beauty and political message, they penetrate the architectural surfaces like a needle penetrates a textile.

Nikolaus Tantsoukes - Berlin

Exhibition - Paper, Collage

Nikolaus Tantsoukes presents a selection of small-format collages that deal with completely different themes. The almost forgotten art medium reveals itself: amusing and cheeky, shrill and compassionate, mysterious and a bit fairy-tale like.

The almost forgotten art form makes use of fragments of a prefabricated reality from magazines, illustrated books and advertising material, and creates a completely new reality that unifies in a work of art.

Zoe Dittrich-Wamser und Sara Förster - Düsseldorf, Bremen



Light colours our impressions - it defines moods, times, memories and every situation is characterised by the presence and absence of light, whether artificial or natural.


The installation by Zoe Dittrich-Wamser and Sara Förster therefore focuses on light, accompanied by projections, foil, glass and mirrors, which interact to create an extraordinary atmosphere.


Suplementary programm

Ludmilla S. Euler und Claudia Hanfgarn - Bremerhaven

Dance & Speech Performance

About the silence of the last few weeks, about wanting to save oneself, to lean on something and fall through, about staying and going crazy, about the love for one's own four walls and noise.

Danced, promised, kept silent, courageous, intoxicated, manipulated and chanted by Ludmilla S. Euler (performance and theatre maker, DichtBlick-Kunst) and Claudia Hanfgarn (dance/choreography, performance, TAPST-afz).

 Only Saturday, 12.09. - guerilla style ...

Claudia Hanfgarn und weitere Tanzbegeisterte - Bremerhaven

Dance performance

„The Nelken-Line” by Pina Bausch


On July 27, 2020, the exceptional choreographer Pina Bausch would have turned 80 years old. Her deeply humane view of people has influenced the theater scene worldwide.
People of all ages in France, Ireland, Chile, Cyprus, Spain and Germany have already responded to the call of the Pina Bausch Foundation to dance the familiar line from Pina Bausch's 1982 play "Carnations".

In Bremerhaven, the concise gestures of the change of seasons with Claudia Hanfgarn (TAPST-afz) and many dance enthusiasts will stride through the citizens on Saturday, 12.09. at 5:45 pm.

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